New Here struggling with third round of treatment

Hi my name is Ruth & I have been battling various rounds of Lymes on and off for over 10 years. I used to work with the medical community integrative & alternative so am very aware of the variety of treatments. I made an account mostly just because I needed to not feel alone with this third round of treatment. I am struggling physically & emotionally & using all my tools. But I went to a very dark place yesterday after accidentally taking way too much biocidin which super powered a die off episode. After this round of treatment if my Igg bands are still lit up (I have three lit down from four down from eight.) I will need to consider the big guns of Mepron & Tindamax with my Doc. I guess the good news is this latest round had babesiosis which went untreated for at least a year but we were able to successfully treat that & I have no more co infections. My current treatment post ABX has been Berberine, Cat’s Claw, Lymes nosode, Claritin 2 tid and now the biocidin. Doc doesn’t want to do another round of ABX for obvious reasons.
This is rough shit. I just don’t want to feel so alone. Thanks everyone. Ruth.

Hi Ruth, I am Ray. Had Lyme for likely 12 years or so, diagnosed and started treatment around 7 years ago. My now ex wife deserted the same week i was finally diagnosed, sp I really comprehend the paon and lonliness you are experiencing. Finally, a bit over a year ago I was the first one of my Docs lyme patients to try a new treatment option, a 100 year old drug called Antabuse, by Gods grace I am symptom free for over a year. Also been an RN for 29 years, antibiotics never get it all. Please research Antabuse on or similar. It can actually be ordered from overseas withput a script, but you gotta stay close with your Doc to get dosing right for you. YOU WILL SURVIVE!
Lyme rule #1. Everyone fights, no one quits!!
Be good- Ray

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Hi Ruth, ugh I’m sorry. I know how hard it is to be where you are right now. Die off is the worst, and trying to figure out treatment & being patient with it all is really difficult. I did the herbal route (Japanese knot weed, cats claw etc) several years back and have been pretty stable for a few years now - but anytime Lyme-like symptoms return I get really nervous. I did a pretty intense parasite cleanse along with the herbs which was rough but I think made a huge difference with recovery. Not sure if you have explored that with your doc…
Sending you support & strength!
PS I’m also 10 years in with on & off treatment